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Season Two Trailer

May 09, 2022 David
Writerly Lifestyle
Season Two Trailer
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Check this out to find out more about what the 2nd Season of the Writerly Lifestyle podcast is all about!

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Second Season Trailer

David Gwyn: [00:00:00] Hey everyone. Welcome to season two of the writerly lifestyle podcast in season two, I'm focusing on the second draft. so while my first season was like a mishmash of things where I interviewed editors, literary agents, filmmakers, authors, and more all about the creative process. I started thinking about building something that can help the writing community specifically.

 I'm in the midst of a second draft. So I thought I'd share what the experts think we should do after finishing our first drafts. So I'll help you create a roadmap from typing the end on your first draft to signing your name with an agent indie publisher or self publishing so really the second season is all about the second draft and beyond we're going to be talking about things like what to do the moment you finish your first.

How do you build a platform, how to find readers, how to find an editor, what to look for in an editor , how to build tension in a second draft, how to create a cohesive pitch, what to look for in an agent and what agents are looking for in you. [00:01:00] So if any, and all of that sounds useful to you then.

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And I hope you enjoy in the meantime, check out a sneak peek of this season. Starting now.

Zulie Rane: It might not look like this from the outside. Cause I try really hard to make it look like this is all a very, well-polished a well-oiled machine, but my writing business grew really organically. I added pieces here and there picking up different streams as I saw fit. So this year was the year I wanted to start taking my business more seriously.

Ericka Baldwin: My writers they, they have a passion for writing. They have a story.

They have, they have to get out to a certain audience and they're not afraid to step outside of the box or, you know, sometimes they are afraid, but they're willing to be pushed

Paulette Perhach: So to me, that is about getting up, doing my work when I'm tired, I sleep, you know, sorry, this is a very mean to say that to parents of young children when I'm hungry, I eat right. [00:02:00] And. Not thinking that you're going to get to a place of perfection, not thinking that, you know, if I can just get these hundred to do's done today, I will be a worthy person.