Thriller 101

Building a Platform FOR Your Writing WITH Your Writing: Ep. 15 with Zulie Rane

May 10, 2022 David Season 2 Episode 1
Thriller 101
Building a Platform FOR Your Writing WITH Your Writing: Ep. 15 with Zulie Rane
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  1. How fiction writers can use Medium
  2. Overcoming self-doubt
  3. Being willing to try new forms of writing

EPISODE INFO: Medium is a publishing platform where writers can get paid for their words. And my guest, Zulie Rane is one of the top writers there. But there's something very important about Zulie that might make you pay close attention to what she has to say. 

If you listened to my interview with Sinem Günel a few weeks ago, you'll know there's some pretty great earning potential through Medium's platform.

But then I talked to Allison Buccola, a debut author, and I started thinking about how to merge these two writing careers. How can fiction writers improve their book sales using Medium? 

So if you write fiction, there's this really important added incentive to write on Medium, but before Zulie tells you how to maximize your bookselling potential, I'll tell you that special thing about Zulie: She wants to write fiction! So she's going to share what she would do to build a readership on Medium for our fiction work!

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